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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Food Tales.......................

Good afternoon!!

I'm so excited just to be able to post that I'm going to! The internet is up and working (aside from a 12 hour blackout after the original install) so we're clicking away! I'm hoping that little glitch last night doesn't turn into a regular thing. Usually I'm working on the computer in the late evening or early morning. It will seriously goof up the routine here if I have to work banker's hours...but then I'm not going to complain one little bit as we're SOOOO thankful to have internet back AT ALL after almost two months without regular connections.


Things have been plugging along here. We received another shipment of food boxes the other day. These will be given out to the special needs families and for an extra part of the Gifts for Gracias program later this month. Did you know that a shipment of said boxes can turn into a math problem for a 5th grader? We had Riley doing some figuring on how many we had and how many would fill up the pallets - then how many that made total. Hmmmm.....he can do it just fine without a pencil and paper. I guess that gives him an 'A' on that test. :)

Here are some pictures of the unloading crew and what is now in our 'carport'. 646 boxes to be exact. It works out fine because actually, we can't fit our truck inside here. I have seriously considered whether or not we could convert part of this into a kids' bedroom but for now that plan is on hold. :) I was hanging my laundry there but we're rearranging that one.

Other than that, we've spent some time organizing and streamlining some box projects at the Sowers' place. Their house has had to become a warehouse in holding all the shipment items so we're trying to help in clearing a path. :) At least until the next shipment arrives in a week or so...

Alan has been helping with water deliveries for a construction project, welding parts here and there, contacting local pastors in preparation for the Christmas project, and of course, the usual hunting and gathering that is required to function. :)

Speaking of the hunting and gathering project (you thought I was kidding didn't you?!): here is a photo of his latest conquest.

In the last couple of weeks for some reason I've found the grocery shopping d.a.u.n.t.i.n.g.....maybe it's because I'm trying to keep track of kids, bags, spanish, general conversations, and carting said items all at the same time. This is NOT for the faint of heart. So I've abdicated. Not permanently, just for the week (or so...) My knight in shining armour has come to my aid and said he would do it for me. Bless your heart my dear, I am very spoiled.

All those fruits (plus the rice, beans, and popcorn -he FOUND SOME!!!) Alan got for less than $200 Lempira - around $10 USD. This will last us about a week for fruit. Our diet here is a bit different from in Mexico as there aren't NEARLY the variety of chilies or inexpensive meat we got used to. Thankfully rice and beans are still pretty common so that is our staple. The meat is fairly expensive so we're sticking mostly with fruits, veggies and eggs. I try and add in meat once or twice a week but probably 90% is the other. We're still trying to sort out our food budget and such (learning new money and conversions is hard on my brain!) but hopefully we'll be able to stick really close to what we spent in Mexico even with things being a bit more costly.

Normally grocery shopping happens in the morning. After 10 you're taking serious steps towards insanity unless you thrive on crowds, of course. In the late afternoon the shops are closing up too so that option is out. There is the main 'mercado' where most of the fruit and vegetable stands have their wares out for you to price shop and buy. Down the strip (barely two people wide to give you an idea on space) are the folks that sell the dried beans and rice out of baskets. Tortillas are on the way out. Some cheese vendors are in there too. For the most part though if you want meat, dairy, or general dried goods you need to go to another store. So, it's usually a 3-4 stop process to get the groceries for a few days. We've found a couple of other fruit/veggie stands outside that main market that we're shopping at too.

Now; I have been blessed. Not only by a husband who will brave the crowds, but by local ladies who come selling vegetables door to door. They come knocking and announcing what they have and we go and look. So far, their prices have only been one or two Lempiras different from what I'm being quoted in the market so I'm buying from them. They come every other day for the most part and it's fabulous. Usually once a week at least they give me some freebies too. I'm anxious to get to know them a bit through this process. They sure have been a blessing to me personally by lessening this little stressor.

Here's a picture of the veggies I got from my door to door girls. They know that I like the MEXICAN avocados (yes, I've asked about them on several occasions...) so they get those especially for us! They are much more expensive here (9 Lempira ea. $.50 - don't hate me, okay?) than in Mexico but are loaded with vitamins and my kids love them. Call them our 'treat' food. The normal Honduran avocados are rounder, harder and have no flavor so we're splurging for the moment. All this I got for 93 Lempira (around $4.75 USD) This will be probably 4-5 meals worth of veggies.

I hope that you've enjoyed a little 'taste' of our area for today. Tonight though, we're going completely off the charts and having spagetti. Go figure... Comfort food comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors!

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