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Friday, February 6, 2009

Then What to My Wondering Eyes should appear....

but a dryer.

No kidding.

This is real.

It works.

It's not mine - but I get to use it. :)

SO WHAT??? I can hear you now - I have very good hearing folks.

I have not had or used a dryer in over 3 years except for the occasional visit to a friend's house or the times when we've been in the NW checking in.

I (normally) LOVE hanging out my laundry. I don't even mind the dry, crackly clothes. I love that the sun takes care of this task for me. One thing I've noticed in moving further south. One must have SUN to actually get said clothes d.r.y........

Now here is a picture of the weather locally. I KNOW you family and friends in Washington are going to call me a big whiner but we've had nothing but cold, dreary, wetness for almost a month now. The occasional sunny day has appeared but it's miserable trying to do a weeks worth of laundry in less than 24 hours. I don't think there is this much clothesline for sale in all of Honduras and I certainly don't have the yard space to string it up if it were. Last week I resorted to trying to dry the kids' uniform shirts with our hair didn't work very well but did provide some humorous comments. :)

HOW do you ask did such an appliance appear at my door???? Well, since you're dying to know, I will tell you it's a group effort.

Trish's family has the dryer. Their house doesn't have a PLUG for this dryer. They didn't have a plug for the dryer in the last house either but ran a 'fix' of sorts from their fuse box. At their current house the fuse box is RIGHT NEXT to Trish's bed and with her asthma it's just NOT a good combination...not to mention that it's at the complete other end of the house from the washer.

Now - our part. WE have the plug. So we offered said plug and now she and I are able to get some of this laundry dried in less than one hour per load. BELIEVE ME when I say this is a HUGE improvement. We were both checking to see who was winning on the length of time for loads that have almost gotten dry. We're both at about 3 days.

I'm thinking the jump in the electric bill is going to be worth it. I just hope all my clothes don't shrink from the shock of dry, hot air on them...

Today I'm thankful for a dryer. Also for Trish for letting it come and play at our house for a bit.


Jamie Jo said...

That's a great provision. You're gonna get spoiled! Enjoy it.

Grateful for Grace said...


Ok, I think it's very funny that out of all the M blogs in the world, I follow five. And out of those 5, I find out 2 of you are together. Funny.

I'm praising God for the dryer for you. And going to hug mine right now.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

I know what you mean about the whether, dryer and clothes line. In Costa Rica we have the same situation. No dryer. When we go to the states I always hang anything I think might shrink to air dry. Better be safe than sorry. In Costa Rica I usually get up very early to catch the 3 hours of sun that hit our clothes line then when the afternoon clouds and rain come I hang what is not dry under a roof praying it will dry and not get that "smell" that wet clothes get when they don´t get dry.