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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wingless wonders....

Rainy season.

Just so you know - Honduras apparently has 2 rainy seasons. May - Julyish; October - Decemberish. I'm not sure how I missed this little bit of trivia, but I did.

We've been told that the sure way to know that the rainy season has arrived is by a little exhibit nature puts on for you. Are you ready for my description???

Wingless Wonders we'll call them.

For a bit of history - a couple of weeks ago I noticed something disturbing in my bedroom. I was folding laundry and arranging piles for my littles to put away before bed and as I moved the clothes there was something all over my coverlet. It's lightly colored so I could see well which is saying a lot as the house in general is pretty dark. Something that looked like black specks and wing parts were all over it. Upon closer inspection I'm realizing that those ARE WING PARTS and WORMS paired up crawling all over my bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To quote a dear friend of mine..."OH MY GROSSNESS!!!!"

The air sucked out of the room, I closed my eyes and whined for a minute that my husband was out of town, then grabbed and cleaned said WING PARTS AND WORMS by smashing then scrubbing my bed. (Did I mention that this was on my BED????????????????)

At this point I was just lamenting the fact that the bugs here are annoying and apparently love my semi-clean laundry. It happened a couple more times and each time I got a little more irritated. Well - after talking to the Sowers, they mentioned that a sure sign that the rainy season is here is that you'll see this little bugs that fly around, land, then have their wings fall off. OH BROTHER. Apparently the rainy season arrived at my house first.

About 3 days later I saw these gross bugs all over my kitchen. Then with increasing quantity I was seeing them in other places. THEN - one late afternoon as I was cooking dinner I gained a new empathy for the Egyptians during the plagues that God sent upon them for Israel's captivity. OH MY GOSH - I have never seen anything like it. I tried to take a picture but it was just a blur. We normally have our table outside but there was no way we could eat with all those things flying and landing around/on us. We hauled all the kids in, shut the doors, and covered everything in sight. We tried having a picnic on the floor for dinner (because some people were actually hungry during all this) but then they were landing all over the place inside the house. Alan, very sweetly reminded me that you can't have a picnic without bugs. I tried to not glare at him. I don't think I was successful.

I did notice something in the chaos of that night. They were bigger than before. And black. I swept repeatedly and the game for that evening was "Stomp the Worms". We may even need to repaint. It hasn't been as bad as that night but I'm still finding worms and wing parts all around.

You can pray for my attitude as having worms and wing parts in my bed does not help my cheerful disposition much.

I'm grateful for......................let me think..............there is something................the fact that there are only two rainy seasons here and not three.

Pollyanna - oh wait, my name is really Faith.


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! I am itching as I write this! Eeeewwww!

Trish said...

Oh Faith - I've only seen this at the beginning of the May rainy season. I hope I'm not wrong, and just haven't noticed - but I think I would have noticed - so hopefully you won't have to worry about this again for a year.

I pulled a wing out of the skillet when I was cooking dinner last night. Don't tell my family, okay?

Suzanne said...

My name is Suzanne and I've been following your blog for a while now. I can relate to your post. My husband is from Honduras and I've had the "pleasure" (said highly sarcastically) of experiencing those bugs several times. He calls them 'polias' and rumor has it that they try to get into your ears... I call them the stuff of a bad horror movie. I am not a woman scared by most creepy crawlies, but polias are just too much for me. The good news is that they only last a few days and then they'll be gone. Take heart in that. My only other advice is to roll up a hand towel and swing it around your head/shoulders so they don't land on you thee...that is what most creeps me out. Best of luck!

Jamie Jo said...

You make me laugh, my sister Pollyanna-wanna-be. We have those weird wing things in Mitla, too, but not every year, if I remember correctly.

Grateful for Grace said...

Umm.... this sounds like one of those stories that are amazing to hear, but awful to live through. I can NOT imagine having a good attitude through that. That's a GOD sized job.