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- to stand in the gap through prayer, giving and service to viable ministries in Latin America.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another day....another creature.

Riley loves animals. Anyone who has been around him for more than about 2 minutes knows this. It gives him a certain 'celebrity' status here as MOST NORMAL people DO NOT pick up and inspect anything in the insect or reptile family. EVERYTHING is poisonous they say. So the fact that my son not only wants to touch it but actually CATCHES it, INSPECTS it, and then SHOWS it off - well...he's famous.

Now the neighbors are starting to 'collect' things for him. Oh boy....

Today's creature:

What do you think it is????

You must know that when MY son shows up at our door begging to be let in to show me 'somthin''with a huge smile, a neighborhood buddy, and a BIG BEAN SACK semi-dragging on the ground - MY response is - "TELL ME WHAT IS IN THE BAG. I WILL NOT OPEN THE DOOR UNTIL YOU CONFESS."

And - "No, no's okay." does not get the door opened for you....

Post confession...


The snapping kind.

And yes, I did make up that word thankyouverymuch. Isn't it descriptive??

Both boys faces dropped 2 feet when I announced it couldn't live here. It might eat a cat. I don't care what they say. They recovered the minute I said if they wanted to keep it they would have to set up it's new house at Franklin's house. His mother is going to lllloooovvvveee me.

Of course I made them wait until I got the camera and took lots of pictures. :) I'm such a good mom. The girls and I 'oooohhhhhed and aaaaaahhhhhhhhed' like a good fan club does. When Dad came home all the neighbors told him to go to Franklin's house to see what Riley had. Famous I tell ya....

I do think maybe this has cured Natalie of wanting a turtle though. :)

Here's another picture or two of the latest catch at the hotel in Belize. Riley is famous there too...or is that 'infamous'?

I hope this kiddo realizes we live here for more than just the opportunities for him to see various wildlife, but it is hard to ignore this little side benefit.

Oh my.


Amanda said...

It's the next Jeff Corwin! =)

TexasHeather said...

sounds like Riley would get along so well with my boys; they would be so jealous he caught the iguana!! Awesome pictures, and WTG on remembering to photograph the beast before he was sent away. : )

The Hayes Zoo said...

Oh and the 'beast' is now living at in our backyard in the most ridiculous playpen ever imagined. Sigh....

Don said...

Sounds like Riley will be ready for the Alligator Hunter YouTube version soon! Being a star and all!