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Friday, August 14, 2009

Dentistry Data...

First of all if you are just joining the 'Zoo Chronicles', this post will make little to no sense without some and here is said background.

The cost of a dental visit:

**One trip to Santa Rosa de Copan (45 min. drive one way) for initial visit which I thought would be a quickie 'replace the filing that fell out'. .....NO.....

**One dentist visit that resulted in that first link. (egads)

**One, go into the office and talk to them in person, as I couldn't get through on the phone for rescheduling the follow up appointment.

**One trip to office where it had to be rescheduled again because of no power.

**One phone call to my house (bless them) as the dentist couldn't see me for scheduled rescheduled appointment.

**One trip to office to actually get the thing fixed. Actually two things fixed. The worst parts that is.

**$35 USD. That and some emotional trauma, but who's counting?

I will be going back next month for more little 'clean ups' but the worst is over (PLEASE let it be over...).

I was able to do it without anesthesia which means I'm either getting a thicker skin or I'm just stupid. Plus, with the added pressure of my family being in the waiting room, I knew that I had to be a big girl and not cry otherwise my kids may wind up with the same issues I have with dentists. I am now the proud owner of two newly filled and rebuilt molars.

As I was laying there I decided that in order to distract my mind from the obnoxious drill sound and practically overwhelming panic that she would hit a nerve and only know it AFTER I screamed and climbed up the ceiling, I would pray. I don't know why this didn't occur to me during the last visit but this time I used it as a weapon. I prayed for a friend who was going to be having a trying day. I prayed for my ability to understand the Spanish and fairly new vocabulary that was being thrown at me. I prayed for the dentist as she was working on me. Then I remembered to pray and THANK GOD for the fact that I could sit in a dental chair, IN HONDURAS, and have someone repair my teeth. Studying history you'll find that people used to (and still do in some areas) die from abscesses and such that probably stemmed from issues with their teeth. Here I've been whining about having to go when really, a subtle shift in my focus, could bring me to honestly, being THANKFUL for the ability to go.

Ahhhh.................perspective. Why is it such a difficult thing to choke down some days?

Of course, this is a very simple place to get to AFTER the appointment. Yet, it is a learning experience I will do my best to retain for future use.

Dentistry is not the end of the world. Forgive me if I made it seem so. It isn't even the end of MY world. I have gone....been seen....been fixed....and am living to tell the tale. I even like the dentist so much I'm signing Alan up for an appointment. :)

'till next time...

Faith...smiling and laughing.

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Birthblessed said...


I'm proud of you.

(Ihate dentists)