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Friday, September 18, 2009

Foodie Friday

A Tale of Two Coconuts

Yes, that's my first born girl, who has very serious FIRST BORN tendencies, holding a machete. She's ready to get this show on the road.

They had already gotten all the 'water' out with the straw. (Riley was in on that part - the rest of this tale he is very obviously absent.) Drat - I didn't get a picture of that. It's a fairly popular drink. Tastes nothing like coconut to me...

The machete didn't work. We're not Honduran enough. So we did what we've seen the monkeys do in the National Geographic episodes. We whacked it on the ground/hard surfaces to try and get it open. Really, Alan did the whacking. I, horrid picture taker that I am, took the pictures.

That worked. Hmmm....Again the over eager first born GIRL ready to have some.

Up close and personal.

This is the best source of entertainment and keeping the kids busy I've seen in a long time.

See how fast she's working? The determination on her face is evident, and between you and me, a little scary. I hope this girl never grows to like espresso.


If all else fails (translates - 'After I've bent two of Mom's spoons.') just have dad break off a chunk and................

....gnaw on it.

Keep gnawing...

...and be nice and offer Mom a chunk.

Then give up and give it back to dad - because it really wasn't worth it.

Finally, go ask mom if you can have a snack of that 'other' coconut.

The End.


Jamie Jo said...

Y'all are one goofy family, you know that? Hey, next step is to learn how to make coconut oil, which have a zillion and one uses. Tim was my coconut oil maker. I haven't actually tried it on my own. Could be another fun Friday afternoon....

The Hayes Zoo said...

Jamie -

You just get your cute little self down here and show me how! We'll have a great time experimenting! I'd LLLOOOVVVEEEE to know how to do that.

Did you at least WATCH and LEARN????

The Hayes Zoo said...

And, yes. We know we're warped. :)

Quentin&Heather said...

I totally agree on the aqua de coco, although, did you know (I read this on-line so it must be true....) that it is THE BEST source of rehydration when you are out in the heat? According to what I read, it is nearly bio-identical to plasma and has been used instead in emergency situations.

But, our agua de coco comes in the still green coconuts....and I agree with the kids: buy it already shredded. Can they shred it for you in the open air fruit market??? Or don't they sell it there? Or is it just too much $$ that way?

In either case, enjoy!

The Hayes Zoo said...

INTERESTING Heather about the plasma like qualities of coconut water. I still don't like it though. :)

I would ask them about cutting it up but then that would make us stick out even more and most days - I just can't take that. :)

TexasHeather said...

I understand about not wanting to stick out. We blend pretty well here, but anything that makes me stick out, makes me shudder.

Glad I could be intersting for you :-)