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Friday, November 6, 2009

Foodie Friday

Fruit. To be more specific - Maracuja. Passion Fruit in English. This is what we've been told. My several sources. This is NOT what I expected from something called Passion Fruit but...

Oooohhhhh - they can be entertaining.

It looks like it has fingers of it's own.

See -

This is one that Alan was given in the campo (little teeny places, like a village...) and he brought it home to share while we had Bert and Kalin over for the evening.

Kalin was very encouraging for me to GET PAST THE LOOKS OF THE THING.


You basically cut it open then suck on the seeds to get the....flesh off. You can chew the seeds too - vitamin packed, I'm sure. Then eat that other inside part...shiver, shiver....It tastes really good but man, I am a texture gal and this was a bit of mental effort for me to get past that point.

Taste isn't everything.

My children wouldn't touch it.


Maracuja - You were good, I'm just not all that passionate about you....



Live Simply Love Strongly said...

The only way I have ever had maracuya is as a juice. It has a taste pretty similar to orange juice, citrusy. This looks a lot like my favorite fruit, la granadilla, that has similar looking seeds which is the only part you eat. It looks weird, but is soooo good. I'm not exactly sure what is the difference between the maracuya and the granadilla, or if those are even the words you use for these fruits in Honduras. My experience with them is from Colombia. Don't give up on the maracuya until you've had it as a juice!

Jamie Jo said...

My kids used to call it "snot fruit." That was before we tried it as a juice. Oh, yum! That's the way to enjoy it. I promise you will love it. Report back when you change your tune.

The Hayes Zoo said...

Girls -

Yes, I have heard that the JUICE is really where it's at with this fruit.

Now - Jamie - what all do you throw into the VitaMix to GET the fruit????

...and 'snot fruit' is the exact phrase that was used to describe it to me to begin with. GAG. There are a few words in the English language that. I. just. cringe. to. say. and that would be one of I left that up to you. :)

Suzanne said...

We called them fish eyes or fish eggs in Colombia. :) I prefer scooping the seeds out of the shell with a spoon and eating the flesh and seeds together.

TexasHeather said...

I agree with the others -- keep it as a juice. Don't ask me how to make the juice; I buy it. I avoid the fresh's just....icky.

szscott said...

My Honduran wife scoops out the pulp into some water then stirs or tosses it into a blender, then through a seive; sweeten it to taste.
She does about the same thing for tamarindo.

Grateful for Grace said...

That does look gross.