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Friday, January 15, 2010

Foodie Friday....

A market trip in pictures......mostly.

Saturday is 'market' day in Mitla. This is when lots of vendors come into town and set up their puestos on the street in el centro. The first week we were here the regular indoor market was closed on this day but last week it was open - not sure which is the 'norm'.

The whole family gets to carry the load.

This would be 'puerco' does this lessen YOUR appetite any?

The veggie stands.

The other end of the street where people have laid out smaller options.

The indoor market.

Fruit stands and flower stands and meat markets, oh my. There are juice stands, shoe shops, bread vendors, and dry goods. It's a hoppin' place. I realized that I only got shots from one angle though...I'll remedy that soon.

I couldn't resist the pretty flowers.

Chicken. Feet and all. Eeeecccckkkkk.

The ladies working at the chicken vendors were snickering a LOT at the faces my kids were making. 'Discreet' is not one of their life skills...yet.

This gal I found through asking around at every stand if anyone had spinach. Finally, one of the gals I bought onions from mentioned that her mother had a stand inside that sells it. We found her and not only did she have spinach - but a few lettuces and BOK CHOY too!!! It 'comes when it comes' but I'm still pretty darned excited.

THESE were the biggest corn tortillas we've ever seen.

Home again, home again. All that for about $35.00 usd.

Then then cleaning/disinfecting process.

A good day's work.



TexasHeather said...

It looks so familiar, even though I've never been in that particular part of the world : ) I love the tiny similarites in our lives...makes me feel closer to you somehow.

I'm also very, very grateful that the chicken I buy comes with the feet, tucked neatly into a baggie in the cavity. I canNOT imagine buying it with the feet still...on. ICK.

Jennifer said...

When you were in Honduras, did you find any spinach? I was craving it, and everyone I asked had no clue what I was talking about, LOL.

I ahve eaten so much spinach the 2 weeks I have been here, (in the US - going back next Friday.) than the rest of my life I think. I am going to buy some canned spinach to send down for when I need a spinach fix.


Grateful for Grace said...

Could you share how you disinfect/clean the produce? Look how much I like you, I'm giving you a foodie friday post for next week! ;-)

This is such a cool way to shop. I like it.

The Hayes Zoo said...

TexasHeather - Confession time. Ummmm....I haven't braved buying my chicken there yet. I've done the beef and pork but...yikes...feet...

Jennifer - I found espinaca TWICE the whole time we lived in Honduras. And yes, the weird looks we go in asking for it were priceless.

Gfg...we use something called Bactericida - it's a product specially designed/marketed for killing bacteria and such. In Honduras I didn't find that so I was using a vinegar solution because bleach taste n.a.s.t.y.


You're right - I'll be addressing this in the future. With pictures even.

MikeandCharlsie said...

Awww you are making me homesick! Isn't shopping at the market wonderful! I never did get brave enough to do the meat though :) We used Grapefruit seed extract when we lived there to clean the fruits and veggies...
Have you found new veggies since living in Oax?