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Friday, January 29, 2010

Foodie Friday....

Mexican Tamales....


We have had tamales in 3 different countries (although I don't think that tamales out of the freezer section of Safeway really count anymore...) and Mexican tamales are by far, our favorites.

A comparison -

Honduran Tamales:

(*if* I was a good blogger - I would have picture of Honduran Tamales for you....I'm not. Sorry 'bout that. We didn't have them that often so I don't know that I have even you'll have to use your imaginations.)

*wrapped in banana leaves
*wet, smooth texture
* bones (of the meat option) still in the mix
*no chili

Mexican Tamales:
*wrapped/cooked in corn husks
*dry, grainy texture - that sounds bad but it's not; similar to corn bread if that's a better description.
*no bones in them that I've seen
*small; about the size of an iphone

These tamales were being sold in the market and bless my hubby's heart - he bought some for us to have for a snack (dinner).

Green and red were the options that day.

Red to us means usually a chili colorado; which can be somewhat spicy and green has been rajas (strips of chili). THOSE are *my* favorites. Neither of these were spicy though. Just really, really good. :)

Here, try a bite - Riley will share.



TexasHeather said...

oh, would that I could!!! (Have a bite, I mean...)

The one reason we might switch back to going home at Christmas is so we could have homemade tamales again!!! S. Texas, but Mexican made : )


they don't even have anything that even looks or acts like a tamale at all, here.


Missus Wookie said...

Faith - here are some photos for you to see :)

Never had tamales, obviously need to find a recipe and make me some.

Grateful for Grace said...

OH, I love tamales!! I would love to have some authentic in Oxaca with you. Checking bus fares....

Anonymous said...

All this talk of tamales and I'm eating a baked potato for dinner. My potato is really good but, alas, it is not an authentic tamale.
John Blomberg

Anonymous said...

All this talk of tamales and I'm having a baked potato for dinner. My potato is really good but, alas, it is not a Mexican tamale.
John Blomberg

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Ummm, love tamales de rajas con queso, but I hardly ever find them here. Most people only make the pork kind, which I don't really care for. A friend made some of rajas around Christmas and gave them to us...I was in heaven. I also like Honduras tamales. Glad you are enjoying the food.