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- to know God and use our entire lives in service to Him.

- to stand in the gap through prayer, giving and service to viable ministries in Latin America.

- to be transparent helpers of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, using our resources and skills that through the Holy Spirit, we might encourage and equip those who have less.

- to share a living perspective from Latin America to our churches, friends and family in the states and beyond.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Foodie Fridays.....

Back to routine. :)

I like routine.

Foodie Friday - or better named - "SAY CHEESE"

Yes...THIS is cheese. Oaxacan cheese. It's pretty darn fabulous...and famous. I can remember my teachers in language school 'ooohing' and 'aaahhhhing' over this kind. It's not nearly as salty as the queso seco we used to get in Honduras, or wet like the quesillo. For taste it reminds me of a mild mozzarella. Texture-wise it's like string cheese, the skinny version.

SEE???? Yes, we play with our food.

There is a store here in town that does milk products and Alan just wandered in and asked about cheese. He did pretty darn good. :) He needs to go back as we've eaten it all by now.

This was about one half of a kilo, or about 1 pound. Nice - 1/2 kilo is way taller than I am. Cost - 30 pesos or around $2.20. Fun stuff. I can't wait to make chili rellenos with it. Mmmm.....

'Want to come over for a bite?', she says with a cheesy grin,



Grateful for Grace said...

Yes, I would love to come over for some!

(Love your Chacos!)

Missus Wookie said...

Ah - cheese :) We're planning on cheesy nacho snacky foods tomorrow night for games night. That looks so much nicer than the orange plastic muck velveeta I bought Wookie as a treat as he says it melts to make the best chilli/nacho sauce.

Definitely send Allen back :)

Brad said...

hey there.This is the 1st time I am back on the Hayes Zoo in Mexico. Full circle.
Love the cheese. I have had the cheese several times and I like it much better than the quesillo! Fun post, thanks.

Brad said...

this is my first time to the hayes zoo in mexico-again! the cheese looks like fun.
miss you all

Jim said...

You are such a special family. We
continue to be so very thankfull for the chance to meet and spend time with you