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Friday, March 5, 2010

Foodie Friday


I didn't take a picture of the stand (should have) because I didn't think to bring my camera on the quickie outing but boy howdy, did I realize what a photo opp I missed when I saw that cow sticking out it's tongue at me while I waited for my order.

Literally. Only the cow tongue. Laying out there in all it's

Next week. I promise. :)

In the indoor market in Mitla there are all the fruit stands, then bread and baked goods, flower stands, juice stands, food puestos where you can grab a bit and then you go into the meat section. Each type has it's own area. I already showed you the chicken section. There's also the beef section, and the pork section.

Yesterday, I needed hamburger - carne molida. Carted myself off to the beef section. Not busy....whew. Looking around at all the various items out for my perusal....and trying to breath only through my mouth because 'tis a wee bit fragrant. I didn't see the hamburger but just started asking if they had any. The gals says "SURE" - and grabs a REALLY NICE LOOKING CHUNKS of round roast and grinds that baby right up for me.

Impressive AND fresh.

The catch: Here I was thinking I was being all frugal and eating inexpensively and then about choked when I realized that kilo of hamburger cost 80 Pesos!!! Ack! That's around $3 a pound!!! Yowzers. It only added insult to injury that we could've had that really pretty round of the roast for the same price. :) At first I thought I was paying the gringo price but after talking with a few people that is within the range of normal for hamburger.

Oh well.

In the future if we are going to eat beef - we will probably get the pretty cuts. So you all will forgive me when my kids say 'we don't eat hamburger anymore - we eat steak instead', RIGHT????

Living and learning,



Anonymous said...

wowsa. I sure hope you had a killer recipe to use your steakImeangroundbeef on! :)


Missus Wookie said...

Wookie's granddad always ground his own steak burgers. Hope they were tasty!